Saturday, November 15, 2008

Molecule 01: Obsession of the Moment

This stuff is the real deal! As the stock markets are tanking, it might be tough to fork over $135 for a bottle of Molecule01 (and it doesn't even come with a cap!.. but the ROI on this scent is phenom.

How the obsession started: There's a small fragrance mecca in NYC on Christopher Street called Aedes de Venustas where I go to get candles, fragrance, soaps and stuff. They're super knowledgeable about hard-to-find scents and they're generous with samples. If you're in NYC, this is a must, and I'll post more about this gem in future posts. But back to where the obsession started...
I happened to pass the owner of of Aedes on the street. After he walked by, I got a whiff of something that subtley knocked me off my feet – in a good way. I hauled ass over to the store and said to the sales girl "um, do you know what the owner is wearing?" His head peaked out from behind this curtain and, in a deep voice, he said "Molecule" then his head went back behind the curtain. It was kinda surreal with lots of attitude... LUVed it! I sampled it for about a week and then went back and bought a bottle for my birthday. I've been rocking this scent since September. My new signature scent. I'll post more of my Molecule01 experiences in the future.

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