Monday, November 17, 2008

New Fragrance Favorites

A few BIG names are rocking new releases this season but there are a couple that caught the attention of my nose...

1. Prada Infusion D'Homme
Like you just stepped out of the shower. Light and clean... smells a bit like expensive soap. Not as heavy as Prada Amber Pour Homme and totally wearable for daytime or the office. Inspired by Prada Infusion d'Iris for women. A combination of iris, neroli, cedarwood and incense.

2. Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men
This one's been out for a little while but I thought it would be worth mentioning. I like the opening of this scent but the dry down is what won me over... very warm and toasty. Has some notes of grapefruit, coriander, cardamon, ginger, orange blossom, with a very masculine trace of cedar, abergris and tobacco. Yum, but I'm still scratching my head wondering why Matthew McConaughey is modeling for this fragrance.


alecks said...

These are a must get

pheromones attract women said...

I am not good for a fragrance descriptions but I wanted to have a perfume collections. Keep posting!