Thursday, December 4, 2008

Molecule01: The Story Continues...

The other night, my fabulicious friend Sheri and I went to dinner at Wallse – one of my FAV restaurants in NYCs Greenwich Village. And of course, before I left the apt I shot a couple spritzes of Molecule 01 on my neck. The weather wasn't exactly hot and it wasn't exactly cold so I rocked a light-weight Malo cashmere sweater and a jacket – pretty good choice I thought. So I walked over to Wallse and... well, I guess the combination of the aerobic energy from walking plus the layer of cashmere must've built up some heat up around my neck. So, I got there early, sat at the bar, worked on a glass of Riesling and had no idea that the effects of my Molecule 01 were going to town, full-force on my pulse points.

The friendly girl working behind the bar and this very cute waitress (I think she was from South Africa) were at the end of the bar – they were totally staring at me. The bartender-girl came over and said "Do you mind if I ask you something?" I was like "um, OK, what?" THEN she said "Are you wearing Molecule? " We thought so." I was like "OMG is it too strong???" She said "No, I LOVE it. It's subtle. Not strong at all!" Then she went on about this shop in her neighborhood that sells it and how she sniffs it whenever she goes in there. It was a full-on conversation about Molecule 01. Then THE WAITRESS came over and told me how much SHE loved it. It's wild! I'm having more and more of these experiences when I wear it. I'll report them when they happen. This stuff has what seems to be a cult following. Stay tuned!

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