Monday, December 1, 2008

Work it out!

When it comes to looking good, all those high tech moisturizers, eye creams and after-shave balms are essential, but they can't replace the glowing effects of a good, sweaty work-out. Exercise should be a part of every grooming regimen because great skin and slouching posture are, well... nah. The best way to get that healthy glow is the good old fashion way –  good diet, plenty of rest, lots of water, sweat it out and moisturize. 
There are like a zillion websites and magazines to guide you toward flatter abs and bigger muscles but I found the best way to get a jump-start on the right work-out for you is to hire a personal trainer, at least for a few sessions. This is a great way to knock off some of the 'holiday pounds' or to just tone up. My ultimate FAV gym of choice – the one with lots of colorful characters – is David Barton Gym. Because where else can you go to lift weights, look to the left and see Anderson Cooper doing crunches, then look to the right and see Amanda Lepore strutting her stuff on the treadmill? Exercise and entertainment. What motivation! Phenom!

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