Monday, January 26, 2009

Meeting Brad Pitt

In the mid-nineties, I was in London checking out the Nicole Farhi collection at Harvey Nichols. I looked at the person next to me, who was also looking at the Nicole Farhi goods, and I was a bit star struck. It was Brad Pitt. RIGHT next to me. We made eye contact, and not knowing what to say but wanting to say something, I told him something that he already knew. I said “You're Brad Pitt.” He smiled and actually laughed. I said “I’m Jim” and we shook hands and he said “How you doing?” It was pleasant and awkward and fun at the same time. I remember that his skin was a bit rougher than I would have thought and he had a few little scars on his face but I have to say he looked phenomenal. I’ve been a big fan and long-time admirer of his style. He just carries himself with ease and he looks absolutely comfortable in everything.

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Unknown said...

thats cool.. So he was a down to earth person.. I like your web site.

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