Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Bowl Monday

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and we all know what the office men's room is like on Super Bowl Monday. Pheeewww!!! The culinary highlights of Super Bowl parties, aside from the beer and chips, usually include nacho grandes, three bean this, refried that, hot 'n spicy this and deep fried that. These Monday morning quarterbacks keep the office Ventilation Systems guys busy for the next twelve months.

This year, instead of leaving a fire extinguisher by the mens room sink, why not leave a bottle of Ritual's Nature Calls Toilet Drops?
Write a memo requesting your coworkers to add a few drops to the bowl before doing their business and "touchdown!" the odor is gone. This value-added gesture may not get you a corner office, but it's guaranteed to make your workday much more pleasant. Enjoy.

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