Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TIP of the DAY

Don't forget your neck when applying moisturizer and sunscreen. 
You'll thank me for this tip in about 20 years.


Mr. Peacock said...

I was on the subway the other day and noticed how "aged" the back of so many men's necks look—yikes.
I never think of putting suncreen on the front, or back of my neck...but now I will.
Thank you!

GlamMan said...

You thanked me sooner than I thought :)
You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

I've been concerned about this too. My sensitive skins makes me very sensitive to having sunburns, especially in the neck area. Every time it happens I just go for turtlenecks to conceal the problem, but thanks to you I'm now aware of the simplest and effective prevention. Thanks!