Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Scentrobe: A New Addition and an Old Favorite

My Scentrobe includes everything from niche fragrances (Serge Lutens, Frédéric Malle, L'Artisan Parfumeur) and big name designer fragrances (Gucci, Dior, Prada) to vintage colognes (original Ted Lapidus pour Homme-1978) and everything in between. The picture in the GlamMAN masthead is just one of my many shelves of colognes and products so you get the picture.

New Addition. The latest addition to my cologne shelf is HUGO Element. This is a fresh, modern and masculine scent that fits into the “everyday” category. HUGO Element is a very urban fragrance that can be worn during the day and at night. In the short time wearing this one, I’ve received many compliments so I know it’s a keeper. The fragrance notes that stand out are a very fresh and spicy ginger, coriander and cedarwood. Its base note contains a hint of woodiness that gives it a slightly elegant edge. And just to add to the “freshness” element, I found out that the bottle was inspired by an oxygen tank.

Old Favorite. For a very long time, my “every day, nice-guy, good-for-the-office” cologne has been Dunhill by Alfred Dunhill, which was released in 2003. This has been my go-to cologne for day and evening. Not a “power scent” but rather a nice, simple, clean and elegant scent. I’ve received a ton of compliments on this one. Many by girls who wanted to buy it for their boyfriends or husbands. My favorite notes are the geranium and the tonka bean which simply work well together. I’m not sure if Dunhill is planning on discontinuing this fragrance (I hope not!) but I’m finding it increasingly hard to find these days. Dunhill cologne, aftershave and deodorant are all deeply discounted at FragranceNet. Run! I’m stocked up.


Unknown said...

Hey Jim, great post. Its funny, I don't have one scent that I wear everyday or a few times a week. I usually make that decision right as I'm ready to put something on and its usually influenced by how I'm feeling and the weather outside. For instance, if its raining, I like to wear something inviting and warm. If I had to put something in the everyday category though, I'd include Kiehl's Musk, Cereus No 11 and Fresh's Sandalwood Vert (now discontinued). I'll have to give that Dunhill a try.

GlamMan said...

Hey Barney, Thanks! Ahhh, spontaneity...I know what you mean about wearing a scent to match your mood or the weather. I do that on the weekends. For me Dunhill is just easy to wear. Molecule 01 is also on my everyday list.

btw, great choices for your everyday category!