Friday, March 13, 2009

Chew On This

Along with a good grooming regimen and a rockin’ wardrobe, every well-kept guy needs a couple of other basics… exercise and good nutrition. Learning to eat healthy and eat six meals a day is difficult. That's why nutrition bars have become a necessity, because they’re quick and easy.

YouBar has created a totally fun way to get the nutrition down while ending those in-between meal cravings. This is really cool! Fresh, Handmade, Personalized Nutrition Bars. You choose the ingredients and You name the bar. Mostly organic and all natural ingredients. You can make a delicious bar that has perfectly balanced nutrition and a texture to die for… with your name on it! Can you imagine?…Alex’s Almond Agave Bar or Tyler’s Honey Cashew Bar. LOVE it.

I tried the Almond Maca, (which was deliciously nutty) the Honey Cashew (sweet and crunchy) and the Breakfast Bar (awesome, filling and very yummy). They also offer customized protein shakes.

You Bars have a celebrity following too. Neil Patrick Harris made his own bar, which he called ‘AllKindsOfStuff’ (all one word). He went with the almond butter. Good choice!

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