Saturday, March 28, 2009

MuLondon — An Excellent Moisturizer

As a guy with buzzed hair and lots of skin exposed on my face, neck and head, I’m always on the lookout for good facial products that target different skin situations — cleansers, moisturizers, shave creams and scrubs. I have a new discovery that I MUST share with you. 

I just found this gorgeous line of organic moisturizers from a UK company called MuLondon. Natural, organic and hand made, using only pure ingredients. These moisturizers are vegan, paraben-free, preservative-free, and mild and since they contain no water, they are super concentrated. There’s a lot of moisture packed in this jar. Now I’m not a vegetarian, but for those who are, this is vegan skin care at it’s best. A little bit of this cream goes a long way and I love using this as a night cream, especially on my neck (the whole neck, front and back). It's wonderful! MuLondon moisturizers have many other uses too. They are also fantastic as day-creams, applied in a thinner, lighter layer, right after a bath or a shower, to lock in the moisture. Also try them as hand creams — you'll get silky-smooth skin on your hands, and for those with follicles, as a leave-in moisturizer /conditioner for your hair (again, a very light/thin layer). This is high-quality, versatile stuff!

MuLondon has a very friendly, easy-to-use website and they ship worldwide. Check it.


Butterflydiary said...

Now, be honest, does this work as well for women as it does men?

I do want you to contribute an article to too BTW...lets discuss!

GlamMan said...

It's very rich, with a shea butter base. A girl could def use it as a good night cream :) fo rizzle.

I know... I will do an article for! let's chit chat.

MuLondon said...

@James - Many thanks for your great post about MuLondon and our products! I'm so pleased you are enjoying them.

@Butterflydiary - Our moisturisers are great for men and women. They are all unisex products, based on pure vegetable, natural ingredients.