Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tom Brady is the "All American Stetson" guy

Last night GlamMAN went to a launch party for Stetson's new cologne All American Stetson and Tom Brady (yes, THE Tom Brady) was there to chat with us via video conference! Tom was fun, down-to-earth and a great spokesman for the cologne. He is All American. Fellow grooming and beauty bloggers and I got to ask Tom questions about everything from his grooming regimen to what he finds sexy in a woman….. and here's what we found out:

• The thing he finds most sexy in a woman - Confidence. "The sexiest people are always those who are the most confident.”
• He prefers when a woman buys a cologne for a man. Giselle...hint hint.
• When asked where is the sexiest spot on a woman’s body to apply fragrance, he answered “any place where my nose is next to…like the ear.”
• He likes to keep his nails clean like his mother taught him… and he uses a hand lotion.
• His father was a Classic Stetson man. He wore Classic Stetson for his entire life. Tom said "He was my role model. I follow and live up to those expectations."

When it was GlamMAN's turn to ask a question, I said "Hi Tom, we all know what cologne you wear but what other products do you use in your grooming regimen?
Tom's answer: “I’m always shampooing, which I hear is not great for you. I always use body lotion, especially on my hands. As an athlete I’m always protective of my hands. Obviously, I brush my teeth. But my orthodontist wants me to make some improvements on them.”
And here's my favorite part… he asked if I could give him some tips on a shampoo! (take a look at my picture.) He was fun and charming. 

All American Stetson is a younger, fresher take on the classic Stetson fragrance that’s been the number one selling cologne in the men’s mass market. Pretty impressive!

Here’s the scent:
The opening has notes of Cedar Leaf, Guava and Ginger Root.
At it’s heart is Black Suede (Tom noted this as his favorite) blended with Sage, Nutmeg and Fern Water.
The basenotes contain Amber Wood, Vetiver, and a very sexy mix of Patchouli and Musk.

There’s also an All American Stetson online game at where you can challenge Tom in sports like kayaking and snowmobiling. Fun! Winners will receive autographed memorabilia, round trip tickets to a destination, and bottles of All American.

All American Stetson is priced at a recession-friendly $14.50 - $26.00

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