Tuesday, March 24, 2009

urth Skin Solutions For Men

When I first heard of urth Skin Solutions for Men, I was impressed and intrigued by the name and also by the Eastern sounding ingredients like green tea, white tea, red seaweed, lemongrass, rice and ginseng — I HAD to try it. urth did not disappoint. From the sumptuous formulations and minimalist, no-nonsense package design right down to the HOT models on their website, urth products made it to my hot list! I put this product line in the "high performance" category of skincare products. Along with the good results that I've with the urth line, there's something else that I really enjoy and that’s the fragrance. The aromas are very soothing, pleasant and clean without being soapy or too herbal. Nice!

Here’s my take:
Face wash: very gentle with plenty of foam; rinses off easily and leaves my face clean and toned but not tight
Scrub: nice buffing granules, not too rough; instant improvement on skin texture; super-nice scent
Face balm: richer than most of my day moisturizers; absorbs nicely into skin; you only need a little dab
Shave formula: very creamy and slick; I got an excellent shave using a DE razor; great scent–I think it’s the ginseng.
Hydra Therapy: I use it as a night cream and definitely feel and see the improvement in the morning. I like this one a lot.

Urth products have been written up in GQ
Forbes, Instinct and urth Face Wash is the winner of Men’s Heath Magazine Grooming Award.

Check out urth owner Bob Mah’s Skincare Training-4-men. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Put urth on your list.


Anonymous said...

Sounds nice, but it's $$$ expensive.

GlamMan said...

It is $$$ and YOU'RE worth it!

fragrant Moments said...

I love they offer a travel kit on their website. To their competitors, take notes.

Anonymous said...

excellent find. Am loving these products. Getting fantastic results with these products. My skin looks and feels younger.