Monday, April 13, 2009

Nautica Oceans—Eco-Friendly Fragrance

Nautica has launched it’s first eco-friendly fragrance — Nautica Oceans. A perfect scent for Earth Day (April 22). Nautica goes green this time and uses new exclusive breakthrough technology to create a biodegradable water-based cologne — it's longer lasting and gentler on the skin than most traditional alcohol-based colognes. Love it.

Nautica Oceans is a nicely balanced warm weather scent that stays close to the skin — definitely not over powering. Perfect for spring and summer. The opening is pleasant, fresh, crisp and clean with hints of Ocean Air and Lemon Tonic. The middle contains Sea Salt Rose, Lavender Reef and Geranium. The dry down, which is my favorite, has notes of Amber Crystals and Regatta Accord. Then the whole scent warms up a few degrees with a cedar-like aroma that is most likely the Teak Wood note. Very nice.

And this is just wild… Nautica has distilled an actual piece of a sail from the world’s #1 racing yacht to create it’s Regatta Accord which is prominent in it's dry down. Umm...could be, kinda, sorta, maybe a marketing gimmick, but WHATEV I like the concept. Pretty amazing. Dive into it here.

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