Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Smooth Back – by Shobha

Summer is about to happen — time to break out the shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts. We all know that sooner or later the t-shirt is coming off, which leads me to the timely topic of back hair.

The fact is that most guys have hair on their backs. It could be a light covering of peach fuzz (acceptable), or a few random longer ones (eeh, would be better with them off), maybe a pair of Cubby Wings — the thicker patches of hair under the shoulder blades (must come off) or the dreaded Shag Carpet National Forest (perfect if you’re into Bears, but if not, emergency hair removal is needed). I prefer the look of a trimmed chest/abs area with a smooth back and shoulders.

One of the more pleasant grooming treatments I’ve had recently was a Back Sugaring at Shobha in Soho, NYC.

Shobha is a cool hair removal salon with a super-relaxed, soothing “yoga" vibe. Shobha’s specialty is hair removal — that’s all they do — and they’re known for their extremely sanitary hair removal services — one of the reasons their celebrity and model clientele keep coming back. On my first visit, I felt instantly comfortable. Hair removal is an intimate procedure, not exactly a spa treatment where you want to be ‘showcased’ in a street level salon. Another reason Shobha rocks: three convenient and very discreet locations. The one I visited was in Soho, located on the 4th floor of 594 Broadway.

Here’s my take on Back Sugaring: The first thing I noticed about sugaring is that it is a lot less painful than waxing because the sugar adheres mostly to the hair follicle (not the skin) while wax sticks to the hair and skin, pulling some skin off during the process. After my back was sugared and completely smooth, rosewater toner was applied with cool, soothing cloths. The aroma was not grandma’s rose water but a fresh mix of rose essential oil and witch hazel — they both have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a day after my sugaring as I write this and still no sign of redness, pain, stinging on my back.

Another service they offer is a men’s bikini waxing, kind of a Boyzilian, which gets rid of hair on the upper and inner thigh — I might try this on my next visit. With a trip to the beaches of Spain coming up in a couple of weeks, I’m all caught up on my manscaping.

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