Monday, May 25, 2009

No Matter What Goes Down, AXE Will Fix You Up

Don't be fooled by the stereotype of a frat boy drenching himself in AXE as part of his ‘get ready’ routine before going out.  AXE introduces their new line of shower gels called The Fixers and I have to say they are AWESOME!

Check out The Fixer Show, a fake talk show about questionable hook-ups and pranking friends. It's HILARIOUS, but then again, AXE's advertising is ALWAYS pretty funny.

Here are the Scents:

Shock  Shower Gel and Bodyspray 
to wake guys up and keep them going throughout the night

Fever Shower Gel and Bodyspray 
to help guys ignite their caliente spirit and get the party going

Recovery Shower Gel and Bodyspray 
to help bring guys back to life after a long night

Snake Peel Shower Scrub
helps guys shed any regrets they may have from the night before

To learn more about the line and how it can help guys change their game, check out 

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog. I found that you did a post with a «guess who» with Divine some time ago. I did the same thing yesterday without knowing. Well but it is unresistable isn't it? Since he change sooooo much!

Nice blog!