Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pangea Organics Spruces Up Your Skincare

Pangea Organics is a Colorado-based company that makes some of the best natural organic skincare that’s out there. For a limited time, they're offering a gift set that will have you rocking healthy skin and a greener planet. 'How's that?' you might ask. Just when you think you’ve received a lovely box of organic skincare products — surprise! You’ve also been given the gift of giving back to the earth by way of a spruce tree. Inside the fibers of the Radiance Gift Set box, there’s a Spruce Tree just waiting to be planted. Very cool. The box is embedded with tree seeds. Soak the box in water, let the seeds germinate, plant it in your garden and you can actually grow a Spruce tree. How’s that for taking care of your skin while taking care of the earth?

The star products included in the new Radiance Gift Set are packed with plant-based ingredients, powerful antioxidants and key minerals, vitamins and essential oils that work to balance, nurture and nourish your skin from the inside out. They work beautifully and smell awesome. The gift set includes:

Facial Cleanser: Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange. Left my skin very clean and refreshed.
Facial Scrub: Egyptian Geranium, Adzuki Bean & Cranberry. Just the right amount of scrubbing action.
Facial Mask: LOVE this one. Made with Japanese Matcha Tea, Acai & Goji Berry. It does everything from detoxifying, deep-cleansing and exfoliating, to toning, moisturizing, and even helps to reduce wrinkles.
Lip Balm: Italian Red Mandarin with Rose. Super rich without being shiny. It tastes like tea. This one is a MUST for any lip balm aficionado.
Eye Cream: Made with Turkish Rose & White Tea. Excellent moisturizer and left no shine at all on my eye area. It's good as a day and night cream.

The Pangea Organics Radiance Gift Set is available for pre-order exclusively online at www.pangeaorganics.com - offer expires June 15.

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