Monday, June 22, 2009

Manscaping Season Officially Starts Now

There was a time when body grooming was an exclusive ritual, practiced only by Chippendale dancers, porn stars and gay stereotypes, particularly Chelsea Boys who seemed to spend hours at the gym and then would spend the rest of the day manscaping. Well all that has changed. These days it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, confused, muscular, thin, liberal, conservative, a porn star, a rock star, a husband, a father or an accountant. Everybody is doing it. On my recent trip to Spain, I noticed many guys of different shapes and sizes hanging out at the hotel pool flaunting shaved underarms, trimmed chest & abs and smooth backs — most of them were with their wives and girlfriends. Who knew? Research shows that about 1/3 of American guys between the ages of 24 – 34 have already shaved, waxed or trimmed hair below the neck. And now that the summer is officially here in the USA, it’s time to take control over unwanted body hair and hop on the manscaping bandwagon.

I’ve tried several brands and models, some were good and some were not-so-good, but the one that is my Top Pick for All-around Best Groomer is the Remington Body + Back Groomer (BHT-6000). The Remington is a shower-proof, extendable groomer that makes it super-easy to trim or shave the back, chest, abs/groin, leg and underarms. It comes with plenty of attachments including two adjustable trimming combs, a foil shaver for shaving sensitive areas without nicks or cuts and an extra-wide vertical trimmer that won me over for trimming the chest. It also has a sturdy and smartly designed extendable handle for the back and hard-to-reach areas.

The BHT-600 is a solid, well-made groomer that has a professional feel to it. It retails for $39.99 — a must have.

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