Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion - Special Discount for GlamMan Readers.


Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion is a sensitive and effective one-step solution for the prevention and treatment of bumps and ingrown hairs caused by hair removal — usually sugaring or waxing. But here's a secret: it's also and excellent after-shave lotion for the face — one of the BEST that I've tried. Smooth and soothing and not oily at all. There's even better news... for a limited time, GlamMan readers are being offered a discount of $5.00 off an online purchase of Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion.

Promotion Details:
• $5.00 off the purchase of Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion on
• valid for online purchases only.
• one redemption per customer.
• offer expires at 12am EST 8/8/09.
• retail value: $22.00; promotion price with coupon code: $17.00
Your exclusive GlamMan discount code is 0709IRL513

• Free of parabens, color and artificial fragrance.
• Safe for all-over body use! (bikini, face, legs, underarms, etc.)
• For daily use: use immediately after shaving to moisturize the skin while soothing irritation and razor burn; begin using 48 hours after waxing/sugaring to prevent and treat ingrown hairs.
• The 2-ounce size is TSA-friendly, making it the perfect travel companion to ensure smooth skin when lounging in paradise!
• Formulation details: glycolic acid (exfoliates), tea tree oil (protects), chamomile (soothes), glycerin (moisturizes)

This special promotion is being extended through August 7th.

Happy Shaving!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are You More Salt Than Pepper?

Redken For Men's NEW Color Camo is an in-salon service that puts you in the driver’s seat of your haircolor — a quick, easy and discreet way to blend away the gray. With 5-minute and up to 10-minute options, guys can tailor their gray coverage to their personal needs. If you are looking to blend just a little of the gray with your natural color and add some subtle contrast, then choose the 5-minute option that will add a bit more “pepper” to the “salt.” If you want more overall coverage with fewer grays, then choose a slightly longer service of up to 10 minutes.

The Customized Camouflage Service also gets you in and out of the salon in flash because of its easy and fast application done right at the shampoo bowl. No one in the salon will even know you’re getting the service except for you and your stylist. Additionally, it yields demi-permanent results, meaning the coverage gradually fades over several weeks naturally until your next appointment, offering little upkeep but great results.


After 5 minutes

After 10 minutes

Speak to a Redken stylist today about a Customized Camouflage Service. To locate a Redken For Men salon, log on to

New Swatch CreArt Collection


The fusion of art and fashion. Here are brand new limited edition timepieces by Billy the Artist for the Swatch CreArt Collection launching today. Originated in 1986 with pieces designed by famed artist Keith Haring, this collection introduces a mainstream audience to the world of abstract creativity by giving consumers the opportunity to purchase “wearable” art.

Check it out here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

pop chips!

So maybe you know that pop chips are one of my favorite snacks. Big on flavor, low on fat. They're popped instead of fried (too much fat) or baked (not enough flavor and really weird texture) so the taste is phenomenal. Check out my earlier review here. Two new pop stars have been added to the tastey line-up — Sour Cream & Onion and Cheddar. Yum. Pop on on over to Whole Foods, Safeway, Jamba Juice and Target to check them out! Enjoy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebrity Hair Stylist Ted Gibson Is the New Hair Guru on What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear is getting a makeover by celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson.
Last night Glamman was invited to the launch party at the Ted Gibson Salon to celebrate Ted's arrival on the show. The party–Fabulous. The salon–Fabulous. The people–Fabulous and the hairdo’s were Beyond Fabulous. Ted and his partner and colorist Jason made me wish I had hair. Really nice guys!

Gibson will be replacing Nick Arroja starting tonight Friday, July 24th as the new hair guru. He will be joining fashion stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, and makeup artist Carmindy in the very successful show.

On the show, participants are hand picked based on their unflattering choice of wardrobe, hair and make up. They must throw out their old clothes in exchange for new attire with the help of Clinton and Stacy. They will also receive a new hairdo and makeup consultation. In addition they must abandon their old look - and that can be the hardest part, especially when it comes to their hair, says Gibson. "You can take off the clothes and makeup, but the hair is going to stay with them after the show is done," he says. "I am very honored to be part of the style and fashion experts on What Not To Wear. It's been a fun experience thus far! I love a makeover and what it can do for all women, and I feel it's important not to get into a rut and change your look on a regular basis. I encourage women to do this all time."

Check your listing for What Not to Wear. The first show airs tonight, Friday July 24th on TLC.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Prada To Tumi = Organized

I’ve always been a fan of Prada accessories particularly the understated style of their men’s single clip nylon messenger bag. Minimal design with black military nylon, etched black leather trim, the stainless steel clip and of course the triangular metal Prada logo. I’ve been the proud owner of three Prada messenger bags. The first one went with me everywhere — to work Monday through Friday and on my travels around the world. I wore it to the ground. The second time around I went for a dark blue bag with brown leather trim. Prada only released this model for one season and I haven’t seen one since. The third one was like the first, exactly the same one, except this one was brand spanking new.

I got to a point when I needed to carry more things with me each day. The Prada bag got to be a little too small so I switched to a more traditional messenger bag by Brooklyn Industries. Great bag. It became my workhorse bag carrying everything from groceries to my Chihuahuas. I was using the Brooklyn Industries bag for work and as roomy as it is, it lacked a functional organization on the inside that I needed.

Last weekend, I bought a Tumi messenger bag. The bag is handsome, well-made and super-functional with lots of compartments for my stuff — and I carry a lot of stuff. The Prada bag wins on overall style but the Tumi gets big points for its functionality and for keeping my things organized. It’s a good bag for work and for about a quarter of the price of a Prada bag, this Tumi is a keeper.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1270 by Frapin

This weekend in NYC I went for a Fragrance Tour of the West Village. First stop: Aedes de Venustas. So many new fragrances to try — one more tempting than the next, but the one that stood out was 1270 by Frapin. So many hypnotic notes: exotic woods, spice, raisin, vine flowers, pepper, candied orange, hazelnut, prune, cocoa, coffee, leather, white honey and a slight hint of vanilla. 1270 is a sophisticated scent with an intoxicating dry down... a perfect way to ease myself into a sense of reality.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shave Creams: Where Does Yours Rank? has compiled a list of 19 shave creams — everything from drugstore to high-end brands — including editor's picks and reader rankings. See where yours landed! You may be surprised.

"Many barbers profess indifference to "the tool," as they call a razor, but they'll happily discuss lathers, emollients, and various other elixirs as if they were fine wines. While there are products here that cost as much as a decent cabernet, there are also options for the price of a six pack (or, in a couple cases, a single tallboy). We risked life and limb—or at least razor burn—to try them all. All for the simple purpose of helping you, the style-minded consumer, avoid a rash decision."

Check it here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Snoring: Not So Sexy

OK, so I’ll admit it, I snore a little, as I found out recently. Not quite the Surround Sound kind that rattles the walls and has your neighbors calling 911 but more like the heavy breathing prank call from “When a Stranger Calls”. Either way, I think snoring is sheer terror unless of course it's Robert Pattinson who's doing the snoring. Ahhh Twilight.

There are about 80 million people in America who suffer at the hands of snoring, which means, when you factor in their partners, 160 million people needlessly put up with waking irritability, a weakened immune system and sluggish reflexes.

Hello Silent Snooz. Designed to ease, if not eliminate, the immediate and peripheral discomfort of snoring. Silent Snooz is a small v-shaped nasal dilator that fits comfortably onto the base of your nose. It’s about the size of a small earring. The dilator is designed to exert sufficient, gentle, “barely there” pressure to effectively open the nasal passages, helping to ease snoring. I’ve been using Silent Snooz for two weeks now and all reports say that my snoring is remarkably diminished. I like what I hear.

Each Silent Snooz is designed to last for 30 days and they come in three sleep inducing scents:
· Eucalyptus – Soothing
· Lavender – Calming
· Original – Fragrance Free

Friday, July 10, 2009

Brooks Brothers... Madonna's One Stop, Candy Shop

Brooks Brothers is on tour with Madonna.

That's right, Brooks Brothers tuxedo shirts were worn by the backup dancers at the opening night of Madonna’s ‘Sticky and Sweet’ Tour at the O2 Arena in London. Arianne Phillips, the costume designer for Sticky & Sweet specifically requested the iconic American clothier’s shirting, for the show’s opening number "Candy Shop."

Brooks Brothers’ Slim Fit ten-pleat wing collar and tennis collar white tuxedo shirts were customized by Ms. Phillips for the tuxedo looks.

The shirts are available online and also Brooks Brothers locations nationwide.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur/WireImagey

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Bruno, How Clean-Shaven Should We Go?

Like most of the men's fashion styles and trends, grooming trends start out in the gay community and eventually become mainstream. Today's Frat Boys look like our beloved Chelsea Boys from a few yeas ago. "Manscaping" is one of those grooming trends that gained popularity after it was mentioned on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" although it was happening years before in Chelsea, West Hollywood and South Beach. Men's body grooming is riding a new wave of popularity across the country, and by the way, the morphing of Frat Boys into Chelsea Boys is totally fucking with my Gaydar. The opening of the film Bruno is raising the question "How Clean-shaven should we go?" Check out the New York Times article on body grooming.

If you decide to take it all off and are man enough for a "Boyzillian" forget about waxing, try Sugaring. The best place in NYC for hair removal is Shobha. Highly recommended. I get my back Sugared there regularly. Check it out.

Kazam Natural Body Care... Sweet Treat

Kazam Natural Body Care started in 2002 by Marjorie Moutari on the philosophy that nature has provided us with an abundance of wonderful therapeutic compounds for health and vitality, perfect for indulging and treating your body and soul.

I recently sampled her Sweet Orange Ginger shower gel. If you’re a fan of sweet scents, this one is for you. For the first few seconds I got all the sweetness of the orange, almost candy-like, and then as the gel foamed, the mellow ginger scent came forward. It left a clean sweet scent on my skin.

Kazam offers other products for men including a pre shave & body oil, after shave lotion, bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

Check them out at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The New Male Beauty

All of our leading young men appear to have a new face - and according to experts, it’s getting feminized. Gone are the days of young actors worshipped for their unique sex appeal and masculine charm. Instead, a new trend is emerging and all our celebrity crushes are losing their edge.

So what’s the formula? Add a sweep of messy hair with a doe-eyed look and place it on a baby face, and there you have it: Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Robert Buckly, and Jason Segeland, just to name a few.

In fact, the New York Observer recently christened the phenomenon as the “New Male Beauty” with NYC facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Pearlman addressing the new facial structure, “These young men all have the same look; a narrow nose trending upwards, wide-set eyes and softer features including the cheekbones and chin area.”

According to Dr. Pearlman, former president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), his patients have started citing Efron's features as their ideal, instead of the more manly look they have asked for in the past. Individuality, he said, has been overrun by the quest for perfect proportion.

According to the recent AAFPRS Annual Survey, among male patients, the most common procedures were: Botox, dermal fillers and injections, rhinoplasty (nasal surgery), chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Follow Dr. Pearlman on Twitter @DrPearlman.

Mmmmm....looking good!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Payot Homme — Jet Set Chic Skin Care

The French skin care line Payot Homme is A-list jet set skin care at it’s best. More private Gulfstream 550 than seat 38B economy on Delta. I’m imagining Hollywood leading glamour men like George Clooney, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman being drawn to Payot Homme. The Payot Homme line is called OPTIMALE and there’s a certain understated elegance about these products that I love. They smell rich and perform in a smooth no fuss manner.

The first product I got hooked on was Payot Homme Refreshing Eye Contour Care. It does an excellent job in reducing dark circles & puffiness from my under eye area. Thumbs up for it’s hydrating, protecting & smoothing effect on the eye zone. Leaves my skin feeling stronger. It also helps eliminate the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. I’m giving Payot eye cream extra bonus points for its light-reflecting pigments — they minimize the signs of fatigue and I noticed this on the first application.

Next on my bathroom sink is Payot Homme Energizing Care moisturizer. This is an excellent moisturizer — not greasy at all. Long lasting moisture with a very nice refreshing masculine scent. Great as an aftershave and highly recommended.

I recently read on Twitter that one of the guys from the TV show Heroes LOVES Payot Homme moisturizer. I wonder who he is!!! They all have phenomenal skin. Payot Homme is on my Hot List.

Check it here.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I’m a HUGE fan of AXE Shower gels and deodorants. Love the rich & fresh scents. The shower gels have excellent lathering action and they're all reasonably priced (under 5 bucks!). That’s a good combination. The folks at AXE have added a new scent to their impressive line-up — it’s called INSTINCT.

INSTINCT rocks a clean-bold-sensual-masculine scent based on the power of leather — the rich scent of raw-hide, the spiciness of pink-pepper and the warmth of pepperwood. I can't guarantee you'll smell like Robert Pattinson's leather jacket in Twilight but the smell of INSTINCT is pretty HAWT. Once again AXE comes through in giving guys an edge to the mating game.

The line includes:
AXE Antiperspirant stick (invisible solid)
AXE Deodorant stick
AXE Deodorant body spray
AXE Shower gel
(my favorite!)