Friday, July 3, 2009


I’m a HUGE fan of AXE Shower gels and deodorants. Love the rich & fresh scents. The shower gels have excellent lathering action and they're all reasonably priced (under 5 bucks!). That’s a good combination. The folks at AXE have added a new scent to their impressive line-up — it’s called INSTINCT.

INSTINCT rocks a clean-bold-sensual-masculine scent based on the power of leather — the rich scent of raw-hide, the spiciness of pink-pepper and the warmth of pepperwood. I can't guarantee you'll smell like Robert Pattinson's leather jacket in Twilight but the smell of INSTINCT is pretty HAWT. Once again AXE comes through in giving guys an edge to the mating game.

The line includes:
AXE Antiperspirant stick (invisible solid)
AXE Deodorant stick
AXE Deodorant body spray
AXE Shower gel
(my favorite!)

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