Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Bruno, How Clean-Shaven Should We Go?

Like most of the men's fashion styles and trends, grooming trends start out in the gay community and eventually become mainstream. Today's Frat Boys look like our beloved Chelsea Boys from a few yeas ago. "Manscaping" is one of those grooming trends that gained popularity after it was mentioned on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" although it was happening years before in Chelsea, West Hollywood and South Beach. Men's body grooming is riding a new wave of popularity across the country, and by the way, the morphing of Frat Boys into Chelsea Boys is totally fucking with my Gaydar. The opening of the film Bruno is raising the question "How Clean-shaven should we go?" Check out the New York Times article on body grooming.

If you decide to take it all off and are man enough for a "Boyzillian" forget about waxing, try Sugaring. The best place in NYC for hair removal is Shobha. Highly recommended. I get my back Sugared there regularly. Check it out.

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