Monday, July 6, 2009

Payot Homme — Jet Set Chic Skin Care

The French skin care line Payot Homme is A-list jet set skin care at it’s best. More private Gulfstream 550 than seat 38B economy on Delta. I’m imagining Hollywood leading glamour men like George Clooney, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman being drawn to Payot Homme. The Payot Homme line is called OPTIMALE and there’s a certain understated elegance about these products that I love. They smell rich and perform in a smooth no fuss manner.

The first product I got hooked on was Payot Homme Refreshing Eye Contour Care. It does an excellent job in reducing dark circles & puffiness from my under eye area. Thumbs up for it’s hydrating, protecting & smoothing effect on the eye zone. Leaves my skin feeling stronger. It also helps eliminate the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. I’m giving Payot eye cream extra bonus points for its light-reflecting pigments — they minimize the signs of fatigue and I noticed this on the first application.

Next on my bathroom sink is Payot Homme Energizing Care moisturizer. This is an excellent moisturizer — not greasy at all. Long lasting moisture with a very nice refreshing masculine scent. Great as an aftershave and highly recommended.

I recently read on Twitter that one of the guys from the TV show Heroes LOVES Payot Homme moisturizer. I wonder who he is!!! They all have phenomenal skin. Payot Homme is on my Hot List.

Check it here.


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