Friday, July 17, 2009

Shave Creams: Where Does Yours Rank? has compiled a list of 19 shave creams — everything from drugstore to high-end brands — including editor's picks and reader rankings. See where yours landed! You may be surprised.

"Many barbers profess indifference to "the tool," as they call a razor, but they'll happily discuss lathers, emollients, and various other elixirs as if they were fine wines. While there are products here that cost as much as a decent cabernet, there are also options for the price of a six pack (or, in a couple cases, a single tallboy). We risked life and limb—or at least razor burn—to try them all. All for the simple purpose of helping you, the style-minded consumer, avoid a rash decision."

Check it here.

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Perfect Shave said...

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and we should always take good care of it. All of us is unique and so our skin is unique as well. Not all shaving creams and aftershaves can be used by all men. One must choose wisely on what to put on his face.