Thursday, October 1, 2009

GlamMan and His Glam Dogs

Last week was bath time for Lola and Penny. Not the most fun time for the girls but a good time for me because after all the wagging and splashing ended I had two fresh, shiny, good-smelling Chihuahuas. My two Glam Dogs get the royal treatment when it comes to bathing. This time I used a shampoo that I've been hearing a lot of buzz about lately. It's called FUR by J Mikel for the discerning dog.

The Shampoo is a soap-free moisturizing foaming cleanser that rocks a fresh light citrus floral scent. It’s also enhanced with botanical extracts, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants — it gave a super glossy shine to Lola and Penny’s coats. AMAZE.

The Detangler is actually a silky leave-in conditioner with the same light citrus floral scent as the shampoo. It moisturizes, repels dust, detangles knots, adds shine and deodorizes the dog’s coat. The foaming detangler is easier to use than traditional conditioners and it does a great job refreshing the coat between grooming — it’s suitable for all types of dog coats: silky, ruff or curly. Love it.

Here’s the 411 on FUR: The founder/owner used to work for Estee Lauder so she’s all for using the best ingredients in her products — the ones that are usually reserved for high end beauty products. Some of the ingredients include Moringa Seed, which is also used in Ren Skincare, Clarins and other awesome anti-aging products. FUR is just the first company to bring these quality skincare formulas to the Jet-Set Pet-Set! FUR is so easy to use that I think the Real Housewives of NYC would have no problem cleaning their pups themselves. Also, one of the best apothecaries in Savannah has Miley Cyrus crooning over her pups and Paula Dean is rumored to love a little more than butter – her pup gets glammed up with FUR.

FUR is available in NYC at Zitomer Pharmacy. You can also purchase FUR at these online retailers. A MUST for any pampered pooch!


Elizabeth said...

Love this! Your dogs are soo cute :) thanks for the product tips. My BF has a lab that could really use it!

GlamMan said...

Hey Elizabeth, thanks!!!! FUR will turn his Lab into a GlamLab. The detangler also does a great job smoothing the coat in between baths.