Monday, September 28, 2009

Natural Looking Makeup for Men

Men are slowly adopting beauty techniques that were once reserved for women only. It all started with with facial moisturizers, masks and waxing and now it seems that makeup is inching it's way into the men's room. Now that many of these grooming practices are commonplace for men, can the application of makeup be far behind? I'm seeing more and more YouTube videos offering makeup tips for men. Jean Paul Gaultier has produced a men's makeup line for a while and now other smaller companies are popping up with with products like cosmetic concealer sticks for men.

The Men Pen is a men's concealer product designed to cover up specific areas like acne, moles, scars, dark circles, blemishes, or just rough spots! It comes in 17 different colors so finding the right shade should be easy. You can buy The Men Pen online or if you feel brave and ballsy, you can always go to the MAC or Chanel counter and get tips from the makeup artists.

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