Wednesday, October 14, 2009

actiVwater... Hydrate, Rehydrate and Hydrate Again


One of the keys to having good skin is to keep it hydrated. That means hydrated from the inside out too. For a while now, I’ve been on the lookout for a sports drink that gives excellent hydration without the sweetness of, let’s say, Gatorade, Vitamin Water or some of the other sugary tasting sports drinks. I recently came across actiVwater and what a nice surprise it was. This is an energy drink that packs flavor, performance and terrific health components all in one. actiVwater is loaded with electrolytes and gives long lasting hydration without having that sugar-cringe factor. Another thing I liked was that it didn’t give me that big energy jolt that's usually followed by the crash. Instead the drink kept me hydrated throughout the day — very refreshing. actiVwater offers a nice variety of flavors including Dragonfruit, Black Berry and Pomegranate Berry.

It’s a great source of energy and refreshment at only 25 calories per serving. Some of the other vitamin-enhanced waters contain twice the calories and only 1/3 of the enhancements. In other words actiVwater delivers more benefits and 1/2 the calories.

Check it out here.

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