Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jack Black’s Ultimate Answer to Balanced, Healthy Skin

One of my favorite at-home skin treatments is Jack Black’s Deep Detox Clay Mask/Spot Treatment. Super-easy to use, instant results and the effect is long lasting. Using a facial mask may seem overwhelming but it’s one of those things that you just get in the habit of doing and then it becomes routine. And yes, the mask looks funny while it’s on but the after effect is so worth it. Every day I see dudes with these enormous black heads on their noses and foreheads and think “oh man, that could look so much better.”

A French friend of mine told me that masks are the reason that the French have good skin. They put a mask on while they’re having their coffee in the morning and then wash it off in the shower. I leave mine on for anywhere between 6 and 10 minutes and usually play Maze (I get to level 4 and then have to start over) or I catch a little bit of Sex & The City, Golden Girls or Dancing With The Stars while I'm waiting.

After cleansing, apply an even layer over face, let it dry and rinse it off. It’s that easy. The clay just sucks all the dirt and grime out of the pores. It's great. Use it two or three times a week and you're good to go. For quick spot treatment, apply a small amount of the mask on a zit at night to dry up blemishes. Wash it off in the morning. For me, this is a must-have.

Check it out here.


Faye said...

My boyfriend loves this! Although some times after he uses it he breaks out in spots, he swears that its just bad luck but i cant help thinking that it is connected.

fragrant Moments said...

After reading this review, I realized I had this in my cabinet...I guess that says something about my grooming habits. After fragrances, it all goes downhill. Here's a question, and maybe its post worthy as I'm sure others maybe wondering the same thing - In a 7 day week, where you probably shave at least 5 times, what should the face grooming regimen be? What days for exfoliating, masks, etc?

GlamMan said...

Faye, not sure why he's breaking out. This mask is one of the better ones that I've tried. Perhaps he could leave it on for less time. Let me know if that helps!

Fragrant Moment, you're funny! Take it out of your cabinet and let it breathe :) Most masks and scrubs are recommended to use 2x/week. I agree but even once is better than none. Thanks for the post idea! I will write one.