Friday, November 6, 2009

Cut Your Own Hair


Your barber is not going to be happy about this one. Now that do-it-yourself manscaping, hair cutting and trimming are easy and pretty much effortless, more and more guys are foregoing their regular trips to the barber shop and opting for a DIY at-home session of Grooming Duty.

The new Philips Norelco 180 Degree Clipper would be a nice addition to your at-home hair cutting arsenal. With a 180 degree pivoting head, this clipper makes hair clipping easy, even in the hard to reach areas. The pivoting comb follows the contour of your head, making it easy to reach every spot, including those you can’t see. It also does a nice job trimming below the waist (except the balls...NEVER use an electric clipper on your balls) and chest areas. Using only two comb attachments, the clipper can adjust to 10 length settings, up to 7/8 inch. The self-sharpening blades give a clean cut every time and it comes with a precision trimmer to finish off the look with contouring and touch-ups.

Nothing can replace chewing the fat with your barber, but Philips Norelco offers an easy and economical way to get your Grooming Groove on at home.

The Philips Norleco QC5170 180 Hair Clipper is available at Amazon, Target and for under 40 bucks.

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Fragrant Moments said...

Sounds quite interesting and looks nice to boot. I wear my hair pretty low...some would call it a Caesar. Can it go that close?

GlamMan said...

Yes! It gets close enough for a Caesar and you can taper the edges using the attachments. There is a "0" and a "1" setting but not a ".5". Hope that helps!