Thursday, November 5, 2009

LAB SERIES Active Hand Cream

Winter is just around the corner and while some guys might be thinking about football, snow tires and maybe a new sweater — all I can think about is how dry my skin gets. My legs, arms and especially my hands become D-R-Y as a bone. Anyhoodle, as a former boy scout, I have a mantra that goes something like this —“Be prepared.” So last week I took my humidifier out of storage and stocked up on my favorite hand cream — LAB SERIES Active Hand Cream. The cream is lightweight, rich and non-greasy. It soaks into the skin quickly and leaves your hands feeling healthy and soothed. It also rocks a nice, pleasant neutral-clean scent that doesn’t enter the room before you do. I really like this stuff.

This winter, be a good scout and take good care of your mitts. A tube of it sits on my desk.

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