Friday, January 29, 2010

Chanel Allure Homme Hair and Body Wash

One way to get through the bleak months of January and February is to book a vacation at a five-star hotel at some tropical, sunny and chic destination. While you’re there, soak up the sun (with sunscreen), take naps and enjoy those wonderfully indulgent toiletries and bath products on display in the bathroom. Sounds good? Another option would be to stay home, dress warm, take naps and treat yourself to a bottle of Chanel Allure Homme Hair and Body Wash. Chanel has a way of making the morning shower feel like a mini vacation. Slightly decadent and so refreshing.

What and Why:
One-step, lightweight gel is perfect for cleansing and conditioning, fragranced with ALLURE HOMME and ALLURE HOMME SPORT. Thoroughly cleanses and conditions hair and body while respecting the natural balance of hair and skin. Provides emollience without leaving a film on the skin. Excellent light conditioning for hair.

The Scent:
Crisp and clean, warm and sexy. Impossible to resist. Unmistakably masculine. Fresh, virile formula all over the body.

6.8 oz. bottle is $32

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