Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jersey Shore... Get the Look.

Nothing has kept me glued to my TV like MTV’s Jersey Shore. The tans, the clubbing, the accent, the muscles, the pickle cravings, the black eyes, the rhinestone-studded t shirts, the GTL lifestyle (gym, tan and laundry), the Situation… the hair, the HAIR! From Snooki’s Cutie Puff do to DJ Pauly D’s “Growing Up Gotti” inspired HAIR ART — I love it. And, um, btw... I think I'm having a little guy crush on DJ Pauly D. There, I said it.

Whether they’re bar hopping, hitting the gym or busting some moves at Club Karma in Seaside Heights, one thing is for sure, you’ll never see the male cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore un-gelled. And what do they use to sculpt their insanely perfect locks? Clubman Super Hold Styling Gel by Clubman-Pinaud, a line of fine men’s toiletries, established in 1810.

A large jar of Clubman-Pinaud is seen in the first episode of Jersey Shore, the men of this MTV hit reality show proudly admit to the fact that it takes up to half an hour to sculpt their hair to the acceptable degree.

Boasting a mega hold and used by men both young and old, Clubman Super Hold Styling Gel is a mixture of conditioning and strengthening ingredients that conditions as it grooms and leaves hair looking natural, never greasy. Just the way The Situation and DJ Pauly D like it.

To use Clubman Super Hold Styling Gel: Simply add gel to hair and comb into place, allowing it to dry completely. Clubman Styling Gel will keep hair looking well-groomed all day and keeps hair in place, even for the most active men.

Clubman Super Hold Styling Gel will set you back a mere $4.29.

Get it at www.sallybeauty.com.

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