Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dove MEN+CARE gets you comfortable in your own skin…literally

There’s a new product launch that I’m pretty excited about. Dove has introduced MEN+CARE, the brand’s first-ever product line created specifically for men. The products are designed for men who have a reached a point in their lives where they are comfortable with themselves, but not in their skin. The lineup includes Dove MEN+CARE Body and Face Wash, Body and Face Bar and the Active Clean Shower Tool.
I’m usually not into products that do double-duty on face and body but this stuff works well on both. It’s non-drying and rinses off easily. I’m impressed and I recommend giving it a shot. Think of the Shower Tool as a Soap-on-a-Rope for 2010. It’s cool, rocks a nice grip, exfoliates and works up a nice sudsy lather as a body sponge.

Bonus Points: Dove gets major props for it’s original, sexy-clean scents — Clean Comfort, Extra Fresh and Deep Clean. My favorite is Clean Comfort. After using the wash and bar soap, it occurred to me that this is a mass marketed brand that has the scent and performance of an exclusive luxury brand…at a drug store price. I like it.

Where: Major drug stores and pharmacies

How much:
Body and Face Wash 
13.5 fl. oz. / $4.99
Body and Face Bar
 (2 bars) / $2.99
Active Clean Shower Tool /$3.99

Check out the Dove MEN+CARE Manthem.

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