Wednesday, February 24, 2010

REDKEN FOR MEN Chill Blast Anti Dandruff Treatment

This dry winter air makes my scalp freakin’ itchy! Full head of hair, thinning hair, buzzed hair or no hair… doesn’t matter. Winter is the scalps enemy. I found an excellent alternative to dandruff shampoo — it’s called REDKEN FOR MEN Chill Blast Leave In Dandruff Treatment. A couple sprays of Chill Blast and the scalp is refreshed and purified — no flakes, itchiness or redness. A must for any guy wanting to pass on the dandruff shampoo.

• Spray Chill Blast Daily Anti-Dandruff Leave-In Treatment on hair and scalp.
• Massage with finger tips.
• Do not rinse. The formula leaves hair crunch-free.

How much: $12

Recommended: Highly

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So for years this product was $12. I am running low and now the 5oz exactly same bottle is running $35-$75. What is up with that?