Friday, April 2, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male - 2010 Summer Edition

When Le Male first came out (years ago... I think it was around 1995) I remember it being described by Jean Paul Gaultier as “the scent of a guy fresh from the beach.” How intriguing, right? I know I was. Le Male 2010 Summer Edition captures that beach moment perfectly. A lighter “tonic” version of the original with a sexy-clean aroma and a very even and subtle sillage (the wake of scent you leave wafting behind) …. it’s never overpowering.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 2010 Summer Edition strips
off his sailor jersey for the most torrid season of the year.

JPG Le Male is one of the big success stories in the men’s fragrances industry and it does an amazing job of reinventing itself each summer. This year, Le Male summer edition is called a Cologne Tonique Stimulating Summer Fragrance. The bottle of the limited edition fragrance strips off the classic sailor jersey shirt and covers his ripped body with intertwining bands in shades of blue. Hot!

This limited edition Le Male is on my hot list. If you've ever found the original Le Male to be too strong, try the summer version. It’s absolutely wonderful.

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