Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get a Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor

As a grooming guy who enjoys a good classic wet shave, I was a little hesitant on using a tricked out razor that actually does something I never imagined a razor would do. It vibrates. Yes… It VIBRATES. But truth be told, the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide had me at helloza! The weight, feel and performance of this razor added up to the best multi-blade shave I’ve experienced. Hands down. Done. The razor is pretty amazing. So much so Gillette is guaranteeing the shave with its promise to deliver your best shave or your money back.

The ProGlide comes with a reformulated lubrication strip (they added a touch of mineral oil) and thinner blades — all this reduces the pull on the beard. The handle is sturdy yet flexible and the trimmer does a nice job around the nose and lips. The vibrating action was like getting a facial. Dude, this is a full-service shave.

As with any shave, prep is as important as the actual shave. My ProGlide experience started with a shower and the new ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub. AMAZE. The scrub is formulated to warm up as you massaged onto your beard —similar to a barber shop hot towel treatment.

Check it out for yourself. I think you’ll agree this is an excellent, close and comfortable shaving experience. To get you started, Gillette is offering my blog readers the opportunity to try the razor for free and take the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Challenge. Click on the widget above and take the challenge. Gillette will send the razor to you. Hurry!

Gillette recognized GlamMan for it's excellent content and community (that's you) and is offering my readers exclusive ProGlides to try out. Product sample furnished by Gillette.

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