Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bluebeards Revenge: Shave Cream for Tough Stubble

Nothing gets my attention like a company so confident in the strength and quality of its product that it can have a sense of humor about it, making it that much more fun to use. My latest discovery is a premium shave cream from the UK called The Bluebeards Revenge: the ultimate shaving experience for real men. Bluebeards is hands-down one of the best shave creams I’ve used and gets major points for its texture, glide and bonus points for its clean, attractive scent — and packaging is tongue-in-cheek humor at its best. But don’t let the packaging fool you. Bluebeards is a serious high-quality, paraben free “tough on stubble” shave cream that uses a new ingredient called Decelerine. Decerlerine is scientifically proven to reduce the growth of hair over a period of time, so every time a man shaves with The Bluebeards Revenge, he is actively delaying hair growth. Over a 60-day period, this can reduce the growth of stubble by up to 40%, meaning a man can get on with what he does best - manliness - without sporting a 5 o’clock shadow by lunchtime. This is pretty exciting news for anyone, like me, with a thick beard.

Learn more about The Bluebeards Revenge at At this moment, Bluebeards Revenge is only available in the UK but can be purchased online at Check it out.

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