Monday, August 23, 2010

Get Banged!

When a style icon like Marc Jacobs comes out with a new men’s fragrance — his last fragrance for men came out almost a decade ago — it’s a BIG deal. BANG, Marc Jacobs new fragrance is a hit and definitely worth the wait. I liked this scent immediately and have been wearing, sniffing and dreaming about it from the minute I tore through the box, pulled out the bottle and landed the first spray on my wrist and chest. The scent is smoking! BANG… of course there’s the double-meaning, the cheeky name and the over-the-top bottle design (looks like it’s been PUNCHED!) but underneath it all lies a very complex, sophisticated and sexy fragrance – one that is more likely found in a limited production niche fragrance, not a mass market international brand like Marc Jacobs. Bang is all about pepper, yes pepper. White pepper, pink pepper and black pepper. The peppery notes are nicely balanced and smoothed out with a mix of masculine woods, vetiver, benzoin, white moss and patchouli. I'm usually not a big fan of peppery fragrances but this one is so well done and very easy on the nose. BANG also stays close to the skin so there is no wafting sillage (the scent trail you leave behind)....this means your boo won't have to break out the breathing apparatus to get "on your bus".

We know that Bang is a winner and a seriously good fragrance... but here is where the fun starts. In the spirit of Bang, Marc Jacobs launched the Facebook game, "Bang You're It". Like his fashion, "Bang You're It" is free for interpretation and allows users to bang friends profile pictures and get banged in return in order to rack up points. By banging someone, you are essentially banging their profile picture with the same impacted look as the Bang fragrance bottle. The more bangs, the more points.

Get even more by points by doing the following:
• Get banged by people from other countries
• Get banged after midnight

Each time a users profile is banged, there's the option to share it via their Facebook wall for all to see and to spread the word about who is interested in them and vice versa. Added bonus? One bang player will be chosen at random daily to win a selection of stylish prizes, including Marc Jacobs Bang fragrance, clothing, or even a trip to NYC to attend the Marc Jacobs Fashion show! To play the game, click here.

Marc Jacobs Bang is available at Bloomingdale's and Marc Jacobs boutiques.

FTC disclosure: Product sample supplied by brands PR firm.

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