Monday, September 20, 2010

Blush, Foundation, Eyeliner...."I Do."

I'm all for enhancing your look and that includes adding color with a bronzer or self tanner, but some things are just wrong. Like a guy going in full makeup to his nuptials. Check out this article from The Good Men Project on saying "I Do," in eye shadow. As Sasha Baron Cohen's character BrĂ¼no would say "Ish don't think so."


Eleven Creations Affiliate Partner Program said...

Some men are more particular to details than women.

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Anonymous said...

Why not? Obviously don't make yourself different, but that goes for men and women. If a woman hates wearing makeup, then she shouldn't wear makeup on her wedding day. If a man wears makeup all the time, then why shouldn't he wear it on his wedding day? My man will be wearing makeup, and he's going to look damn sexy.