Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Renovation... not GLAM, more like a scary dream with a happy ending

Ok, so I'm doing some living room, bedroom and kitchen renovation on my new apartment and let me tell you, I should've moved out for a few days. Everything is covered in plastic and there's this white dust all over everything! The good thing is that I will rid the new place of the "dusty peach" color that the previous owner had on the walls. I'm going for a warm, creamy, soft grey for the living room — Benjamin Moore Abalone. The bedroom is going to be painted in a color by Donald Kaufman — it's just called "37". So chic! Just a number. The color is a silvery-blue-green. It is the most beautiful color. It's a very cleaned up version of the wall color of Carrie Bradshaw's bedroom in Sex & the City. If you've never heard of Donald Kaufman paint you're not alone. I thought the brand was an urban myth. I heard mumblings about this super-pigmented paint a while back, but never knew that it actually existed. The paint is FLOODED with pigment. Where a standard wall paint might have 3 pigments to create the color, Donald Kaufman uses around 13. THIR-TEEN. That means that there is so much pigment in the paint that it actually changes color depending on the light and angle you view it in. Oh, and I'm also getting these Michael S. Smith Eiffel double wall sconces for the living room...

and these Siena sconces for the bedroom... which are going to look pretty phenomenal on Donald Kaufman 37.

I'll take more pictures when it's finished!


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