Monday, October 25, 2010

A Tan For All Seasons

Well guys, it’s that time of year again when the air is getting a little chilly and the cardigans are making their way out of the closet... and summer is a becoming a distant memory. I’m not complaining. Early Fall is my favorite time of year, but along with the cool weather comes another sign that summer is over — every hard-earned smidge of color on my legs, arms and the rest of my bod is disappearing from my skin. All the color that took months of gradual tanning (with sunscreen) is all gone within a matter of weeks. My tan is like Mariah Carey's “I Don’t Wanna Cry”… it starts out quietly, then there’s the slow build, it gets loud and proud and full of life in a “Baby Jesus, this is GREAT!” kind of way… and then it’s over. Done.

I’ve discovered a wonderfully natural-looking self-tanning product to remedy the situation. No, not The Situation.... my situation. Beautisol All Seasons Glow self-tanning lotion. It gives me that glow without looking orange, fake or streaky. Now I’m not talking about the DJ Pauly D, the Situation or the Snookie kind of faux-glow but more of a tan that looks healthy, natural, even…. and hot. And as a bonus, it smells good too, unlike some of the other toxic smelling tanners that smell like they’re actually burning your skin. The All Seasons Glow “system” comes nicely packaged. To prep my skin, I used Beautisol’s body scrub called Go Slough Yourself. I recommend this step to prepare the skin for even coverage. It also comes with gloves and a DVD to guide you to getting the natural color.

Why: It’s easy to use and every guy looks better with some natural looking color.
Where: Beautisol
How much: $39.00… and worth it.

Product sample was furnished by the company's PR firm.

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