Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping it Natural with The Organic Pharmacy

If you’re like me and like to keep things as natural as possible, but find that the “all natural” grooming products don’t pack the punch that some of the big boys do, then you definitely want to check out this new line from The Organic Pharmacy. I’m kind of hooked on the Moisture Cream (with tamanu & green tea). I’m using it as an after-shave and it’s quite nice.

The Organic Pharmacy Men’s Range is a power packed, user-friendly collection that rocks classic style with healthy ingredients. The Organic Pharmacy’s Men’s Range is handmade with potent ingredients, using the finest organic essential oils, antioxidants and plant extracts free from all toxic preservatives, artificial color, fragrances and petrochemicals.

The Organic Pharmacy Men’s Range Includes:
Shaving Cream with Antioxidants
A rich shaving cream that conditions, nourishes and protects. Offers excellent lubrication to ensure a smooth shave and minimizes ingrown hairs.
Deep Cleansing Face Wash with Antioxidants
Decongests, cleanses and protects. Removes dirt, impurities and pollution leaving skin soft and smooth.
Ultra Light Moisture Gel with Antioxidants
Hydrates, refreshes and energizes. Revitalizes tired skin infusing it with antioxidants.
Moisture Cream with Antioxidants
Nourishes, soothes, calms and repairs the skin.

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