Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was one of those guys who loved the benefits of a good facial masque but thought applying one was too much work to do it regularly… until I started to do what French people do… they apply a masque in the morning while they have their coffee. Double duty — now I get a rush of caffeine and my skin looks fabulously smooth and tight and it only takes five to ten minutes. Applying a masque is a twice a week ritual that I’ve actually come to enjoy. One of the best (and most interesting) masques that I use comes from a U.K. company called Kyoku for men.

The pores on my nose and T-zone tend to get large (I call them yawning pores) so I’m always on the hunt for a product to minimize the pores. Kyoku works beautifully — deep-cleaning and tightening the skin leaving a nice, smooth finish. It works fabulously on the whole face and neck.

Kyoku Lava Masque is one of the best that I’ve used and that has to do with it’s texture and make up. And here’s the interesting part; Kyoku is made of mineral-rich volcanic mud, volcanic ash and volcanic black sand — all helping to draw out impurities, remove excess oils and toxins, and encourage cell-renewal. The black sand exfoliates the surface of the skin, removing dead skin cells and preparing it for the deep cleanse. I also have to mention that the scent is amazingly fresh and clean and I would love a cologne to smell like this. This is and all-around fantastic masque.

And here's a little bonus info on Kyoku: Academy Award winner, Colin Firth used Kyoku products to prepare for his big night at the 2011 Oscar's. I thought he looked great. Check it out.

Kyoku Lava Masque is $32 and available at Barneys New York.