Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Pony Fragrance Collection

Spring is almost here — I know that because I’m starting to sneeze — and I expect to see lots of those colorful Polo Big Pony shirts on guys hopping around the city and at the beach. I think the shirts are pretty sexy. The Big Pony fragrance collection is pretty sexy too. A clean and incredibly masculine addition to that casually put together look. Each of the Big Pony fragrances remind me of that fresh “just hopped out of the shower” kind of scent. It lasts and yet is light enough that it's almost impossible to overdo. A guy at my gym sprayed Big Pony 1 (the blue bottle) in the locker room after showering and it was actually refreshing…for me. (Caution: in most cases, spraying cologne in a locker room would cause a brawl but this case was definitely an exception). I really like all of them but my favorite is Big Pony 4 (the orange bottle). It’s a woody, citrusy grapefruit scent that I find very uplifting and fresh — not heavy at all and perfect for day or night.

The Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection comes in four scents:

Big Pony 1 (Blue bottle) sporty & dynamic — aromatic citrus with lime and oak.
Big Pony 2 (Red bottle) seductive oriental with dark chocolate and musk.
Big Pony 3 (Green bottle) woodsy adventurous with ginger and mint.
Big Pony 4 (Orange bottle) Citrusy & woody - grapefruit and kyara wood.

My contest: Follow me on Twitter at to win a Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1 cologne for men. Contest runs between Tuesday 4/5/11 at noon until Saturday 4/10/11 at midnight. At that time, using a random number generator, I will select one follower to receive a bottle of Big Pony 1. Good luck!

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