Friday, April 1, 2011

Shaving Tips from The Real Shaving Company

I was in Duane Reade here in New York City recently and came across this impressive line of grooming goods from The Real Shaving Company. I had to try. With everything that goes into your morning routine, proper shaving habits may get lost in the rush and your face may not be getting the treatment it deserves! Thankfully, the pros at The Real Shaving Company, whose barbershop-quality products have been keeping guys groomed since 1953, put together these simple tips to make the most of your morning routine:

1. Time your shave wisely! The best time to shave is either in the shower or right after you get out. Thanks to the flow of warm water, pores are open and your hair softens, not to mention relaxed muscles, all contributing to a better shave.
2. Exfoliation is key for prep. Using an exfoliant pre-shave will help unblock clogged pores and remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and bacteria that can cause ingrown hairs and infections, all for a closer shave. Try The Real Shaving Company’s Daily Face Scrub, which features Ground Walnut Shell for gentle exfoliation, as well as Sweet Almond Oil (rich in Vitamin E) to improve complexion and give you a wedding-day glow.
3. Give yourself a barbershop treatment! Every wonder why barbers will place a hot towel on the face first before shaving? The heat from the towel softens skin and opens pores for an easier shave. Try this treatment sans barber with The Real Shaving Company’s Hot Towel Mask. This mineral clay mask warms, softens, and lifts facial hair for a better shave, and also features skin-soothing Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory zinc oxide and toning tea tree leaf.
4. Be picky about your products. Whether you prefer wet shaving with cream, gel or oil, or dry shaving with your electric razor, be sure to use a product that preps skin and helps your razor glide easily. For a wet shave, opt for a low-foam shaving product to keep visibility high. Many products, like The Real Shaving Company’s NEW Ultra Moisturizing Shave Gel (with Vitamin E moisture beads), feature super-hydrating ingredients to moisturize and soothe. If you go electric, try the Shave Tonic with anti-inflammatory Willow Bark and healing Aloe Vera.
5. Keep it sharp to look sharp! Dull blades won’t cut through hair as easily and can drag across the skin, causing friction, irritation and razor burn. Make sure your razor glides across skin and avoid a painful shave by using a fresh blade – especially on big days like this!

The Real Shaving Company line also comes in a travel set of TSA-friendly size tubes and is available at Duane Reade for about $16 bucks. Highly recommended.

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