Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dior Aqua Fahrenheit is Hitting the Right Notes

Ok, so I was a fan of Fahrenheit by Dior the minute it came out in 1988 — one of the first fragrances for men that broke tradition by adding a floral to the mix. The groundbreaking violet accord was the surprise in this case. Every once in a while, to keep things fresh, Dior would introduce a version of the fragrance where the mix would be tweaked, intensified and even warmed up a few degrees. They’re all pretty good but none as good as the original — until now. Dior has introduced the new Aqua Fahrenheit and it is really hitting all the right notes. It rocks the same woody/leathery base notes of the original with a crisp refreshing twist of Vetiver and Citrus. The opening is quite stunning with a blast of Italian grapefruit which is smoothed out by middle notes of Violet and Brazilian Spearmint.

The fragrance is quite nice and perfect for the warm days and evenings of summer. Enjoy!

Check it out at Dior.com

Product sample supplied by Dior