Saturday, August 24, 2013

Creed Aventus Smells Like Money

I had dinner the other night at Almond, the restaurant on East 22nd Street in NYC, possibly owned by the brother of Anthony Wiener. And no, I didn't order the sausage, bratwurst or anything that would resemble an appendage the candidate tweeted pics of. I got there a bit early and waited at the bar for my friend to arrive. As he walked in, I noticed how good he looked — sharp, tailored and rested. He came over and as we said hello with a hug, I became mesmerized by his fragrance. Bypassing the "You look great." and "How've you been?", I went straight for the jugular — "What are you wearing? You smell amazing."

Turns out he was wearing Aventus by Creed. Here is my initial impression. Aventus smells like a fresh crisp Benjamin covered with a sophisticated creamy layer of citrus mist. Yes, this smells like fresh money. I loved it. All Creed fragrances are so well executed and Aventus is light enough to wear comfortably and yet make a statement. I'll be adding this one to my collection.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're back

After somewhat of a hiatus, we're back to bring you more posts on the best grooming products for men... and then some. Stay tuned!