Thursday, May 8, 2014

Boss Bottled Unlimited

Just in time for Spring and Summer BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is the energizing new scent from HUGO BOSS. This limited edition fragrance is inspired by vibrant green notes created with a striking blend of refreshing mint and evergreen citrus, combined with juicy pineapple and enduring masculine woods. These unique ingredients come together to create an invigorating and aromatic scent, underlining the BOSS man’s uncompromising drive. Available for a limited time only, it’s on my must-have list for the summer.

Available at HUGO BOSS stores and at

BOSS Bottled Unlimited 100ml  $75
BOSS Bottled Unlimited 50ml $60

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shaving Your Privates Never Felt So Luxurious

One of my favorite Tom Hanks movies is Saving Private Ryan. The porn version of this movie is Shaving Ryan's Privates. On that note, and just in time to prep your bod for summer... The Art of Shaving has introduced the beach season's grooming essential, the Body Razor.

Driving a razor over the body is a lot different than shaving your face... and the razor you use should be different too. The light weight handle and anti-slip grip of the Body Razor gives you control even in the shower while the pivoting head maintains excellent blade contact over the body for a new kind of smoothness.

Here are a few tips from Master Barbers on shaving:
  1. Shave during or after the shower. The steam helps prepare the skin for shaving and helps make the body hair a little easier to cut.
  2. After shaving sensitive areas, use moisturizers which are soothing and calming to the skin and will help to prevent irritation.
  3. To enhance your body soap experience, instead of using your hands, try lathering up with a shaving brush. Shaving brushes help build a great lather and lift the body hair.

The Art of Shaving's Body Razor is available at The Art of Shaving stores and online.