Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Man's Proper Grooming Routine

Men, now more than ever, are becoming more aware and accepting of the necessity of a proper grooming routine. Gone are the days when it was seen as “un-manly” to buy and use products made specifically for guys – most men realize that it’s very important. You take good care of your body-why not take care of your face? Nowadays, guys go back and forth between having a beard or stubble and being clean-shaven. Regardless of your current look, your facial skin needs regular attention! It can be daunting to navigate the basics of skincare and shaving do’s and don’ts but, as a facial hair expert and author, I have explored different techniques, heard every myth about hair growth and removal and seen all the trends. The most important components to keeping your skin looking its best through all ages and seasons, is a grooming regimen that includes great products and technique. I like to break down men’s grooming in three primary steps: cleanse, shave and finish:

Start with the “software”, a.k.a. your grooming products. The first step of the skincare process should always be cleansing! According to a study from Dove Men+Care, almost half of U.S men never use face wash. Your body bar soap is not a sufficient substitute. The skin are your face needs to treated with a gentle, yet effective cleanser that mildly cleans and protects, like the Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash. 

Men are always looking for ways to improve their shaving technique to get the closest shave and combat common concerns like irritation and razor burn. (Even if you have a beard, sideburns or stache, you still need to keep your facial hair margins clean and tidy.) The products you use to prep your skin are crucial to achieve your best shave. First, apply a soothing shave product like Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Shave Gel. The rich, creamy lather provides lubrication for the closest shave and is gentle enough for everyday use.  For the least irritating shave, be sure to use a light touch, gliding the blade with the grain (never against) following the direction your hair grows, and try to make fewer passes –if you need to go back over a spot, make sure you always apply more shaving gel. About the “hardware”: Remember to replace your razor every five to seven uses and, to prevent dullness, towel dry excess moisture from the blade after each use. A common misconception is the more blades on your razor, the better. In fact, razors with fewer blades cause less irritation and are much easier on your wallet!

The last step, moisturizing with a face lotion, is imperative regardless of your skin type. As men age, they are increasingly prone to dry, flaky skin. All the sweating at the gym, frequent shaving and exposure to the elements, is wear-and-tear on your face. A non-greasy, fast-absorbing face lotion, such as Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate+ Face Lotion is perfect for everyday care. This dermatologist tested product also contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to help prevent sun damage.


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The most crucial part of my grooming routine is using beard oil - I love the corktown beard oil from